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Pantone’s Summer 2022 Tropic Refresh colorway gives us all a way grab onto our beach sabbaticals and hang on like we’re parasailing through life. 

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We all bring our humanity and stories everywhere we go – to work, at play, in our homes. So, it’s no surprise that our businesses reflect our narrative.

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Our net 60 payment terms allow qualified retailers and designers to pay within 60 days of product purchase. Hold on to your cash longer while you restock.

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This great online asset means that 365 days out of the year, we have Market. Every day we have new product, and you will see it firsthand on JuniperMarket!

Dena Kay French, Designer/Key Account Sales Executive, A&B Home 

"It’s kind of a revolutionary idea and we’re excited to be a pioneer working with IMC on JuniperMarket."

Herren Hickingbotham, Owner, Park Hill

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